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Norwegian-North Dakota Fiddlers Wanted
Julane Beetham is doing a graduate research project on Norwegian-North Dakota fiddlers and would like information on this topic. Please use the email link above to provide information about current or past fiddlers. After it is compiled this information will be available to us. This is an excellent opportunity to document this tradition before we lose more of it, so please talk to your friends and neighbors and provide any information you can find.
Julane writes

I am a Norwegian-American getting my graduate degree in Norway. I already have a degree in Norwegian traditional music (specializing in fiddling) from the same university. For my master's project that I am currently doing I am researching Norwegian-American fiddlers.
Since my grandfather was a fiddler in North Dakota, and because I know that many of the best fiddlers from Norway migrated to areas in North Dakota I would like to choose one or more fiddlers from that state to highlight in my work. I will be writing a thesis as well as making a CD that will be dedicated to a handful of Norwegian-American fiddlers.
Although there are people in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota who can help me with information about fiddlers in those states, I know of nobody who can help with the subject of fiddlers in North Dakota. I have the idea that not much research has been done in this area.
I am interested in examining those who played either regular fiddle or hardanger fiddle. Besides finding out about fiddlers who lived there in the past, I am also keenly interested in meeting fiddlers who currently play. The main idea is that they are Norwegian-American, and that they either play Norwegian music or a blending of Norwegian and American music on the fiddle.

Lewis and Clark spent a good portion of their journey in North Dakota and fiddlin' played a significant part in their journey. Lewis-Clark.org has interesting coverage of the journey. Musical portions include recordings of two tunes they probably listened to, Last Dance, and Music on the trail. Private Pierre Cruzatte was their main fiddler and many of the musical entries in their journals involve him.

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